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By Ryan Bousfield | Wolf & Wood

A spine tingling, room-scale interactive VR experience starring a protagonist with a dark, haunting

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Thrills & Chills

Heavily praised by the Google Play team, "A Chair in a Room" ranked as the #1 app on Google Cardboard in the first 18 months of the platform's launch. Months later, the title's room-scale, frighteningly immersive sequel, "A Chair in a Room: Greenwater," was released to rave views on the HTC Vive.

“Never before have I found myself playing a game that was chilling me to the bone in such a robust way that I found it physically difficult to continue progressing.” – Upload VR

A Labor of Love

Trainrobber Ryan Bousfield — the maestro at the helm of game studio Wolf & Wood — adopted the cherished conventions of the horror film that we know and love into a first-person, interactive virtual reality experience set in the murky shadows of America's Deep South. If you find watching a horror film to be scary, imagine starring in one.

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