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The Art Of The Trailer is the first step in our journey to teach editors around the world the skills they need to reach the top of the entertainment and advertising industries and to connect those editors to the most coveted editing jobs – including working on ads for global brands like AIG, Behr Paint and NASM at our production company, Everpost.

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Learn the Art of the Trailer from an industry legend and compete for a dream editing career at his famous trailer studio, The Refinery.

Master the 5 fundamentals of great trailers while cutting a real movie trailer for your portfolio, from start to finish.

All in 30 days.

Brett Winn

Co-founder, The Refinery

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Brett Winn

Co-founder, The Refinery

Trainrobber is a fearless band of post-production artists helping each other achieve amazing careers. Editors, animators, colorists and sound designers aren’t often given the spotlight – so we take it.



Want your work seen in movie theatres around the world? Join the Great Movie Trailer Challenge and edit a real trailer as you compete to win your ticket to the most prestigious training program at Hollywood’s best movie trailer studio, The Refinery.


By sharing your email, you agree to our Terms.

  • We’re a fearless band of post-production artists helping each other achieve amazing careers. Editors, animators, colorists, and sound designers aren’t often given the spotlight – so we take it.
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  • The Great Movie Trailer Challenge is an upcoming editing contest that Trainrobber will be hosting in partnership with the top trailer editing studio, The Refinery.
  • You can sign up right now and be part of the first group to receive the contest editing package on March 16th. From then until April 16th, you’ll have four weeks to cut a two-and-a-half-minute trailer and win your ticket to participate in The Refinery’s paid 10-Week training program.
  • Go to our contest page to learn more and sign up at
  • Every Tuesday, we interview a variety of famous editors who've worked on your favorite movies, TV shows, YouTube channels, and music videos.

    Every episode will be unique to our guests and their stories, as we explore the paths they took to find success as professional editors; from the moment they fell in love with editing and their early careers, to the highs and lows along the way.
  • If you’re an editor, animator, motion graphic artist, VFX artist, or anyone else on the post team, feel free to reach out to us and explain why you’d be a good fit for the show!
  • Feel free to email us with any recommendations or comment on some of the editors you’d like to see on a future episode!
  • The Art of the Trailer is an online course hosted on Thinkific that will launch your career as a movie trailer editor. Taught by trailer industry legend Brett Winn, learn the five fundamentals of creating an award-winning trailer from the founder of one of Hollywood’s top trailer shops and the creative director behind the trailers for Avatar, Squid Game, Avengers, Deadpool, and many other films and shows.
  • The Art of the Trailer costs $497 to enroll.
  • Go to our course page and select “enroll now.” A new window will load where all you need to do is enter your first and last name, email, country, and credit/debit card information.
  • There are 21 modules, broken down into 14 video lessons and 5 challenges.
  • Access to video editing software is required, however, you are free to choose any software you prefer to work in. Access to Adobe After Effects is also required as a motion graphics template will be provided through Adobe After Effects to complete one of the challenges.
  • The Art of the Trailer is designed for beginner to amateur editors, which means that each class will provide the fundamentals to learning trailer editing without you needing to have extensive knowledge or experience in the industry.
  • You will have thirty days to complete the course, but you will have complete access to all the materials and videos offered in The Art of the Trailer forever.
  • You are required to complete the editing challenges and must do so in order to proceed to the next video lesson. An editor from The Refinery will personally review your assignments and use their expertise to provide high-quality feedback.
  • You’ll receive a certificate after we’ve reviewed your work that proves you have successfully completed the entire course. The top learner will also be granted an interview at The Refinery to work as a full-time editor.


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