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VR Fest 2016

Trainrobber's "Alive" win's Best Live Action Music Video at VR Fest 2016

By Nick Lange
10 January 2016
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Article by Nick Lange

What an honor to be among the winners of this year’s VR Fest! Below, director Mimi Lee receives the award in Las Vegas during CES 2016.

VR Fest 2016


How do the conventions of music video production translate to VR? To explore that question, we teamed up with J.Lo’s choreographer, Kyle Hanagami, to create this story of a relationship in flux. Our dancers trained for weeks, perfecting every step. Locations, being particularly important in VR, played a central role in deepening our narrative. In the edit, our director, Mimi Lee, navigated a path between contemporary music video editing and observance of the emerging rules of the VR language. See it here!

Trainrobber at VR Fest 2016

Our friends at Littlstar, after seeing an early cut of the video, gave us a front page launch on their site and app, driving thousands of views within a week of the video’s launch. Simultaneously, Kyle Hanagami promoted the video on his popular YouTube channel, quickly amassing a huge response on the platform.

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