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Top 10 Struggles That Every HTC Vive Enthusiast Understands

Trainrobber tells it like it is.

By Veda Vajpeyi
30 September 2016
Article by Veda Vajpeyi

Here at Trainrobber LA, we love the HTC Vive. A powerful device crafted for hardcore gamers–it’s not for the faint of heart. Like every good relationship, it comes with some ups and downs.

We went around the office and asked fellow VR enthusiasts what comical (and sticky) situations occur when plugging in.

1) “Those sweaty VR face things.”

Peeling off the headset after an hour of AudioShield, you know you’re embarrassed to hand it over to the next player. Sure, you got a solid workout in. But no one likes a pair of sweaty controllers and muggy headsets. C’mon. Bennett

2) “When the game crashes your computer.”

It’s like being promised Disneyland and pulling up to Knott’s Berry farm. But actually, it’s worse. You have to turn the computer off. Unplug everything from the box. Turn the computer back on. Plug it all back in. Did I mention that when this happened you were in the middle of the most riveting virtual experience ever?

3) “ I’m dizzy!”

When VR teleportation makes you nauseous. And you thought carsickness was bad.

4) “Punching walls IRL.”

The Vive really takes you to new worlds in an instant. Worlds where you forget that you’re actually in a small room somewhere on planet earth. A room with walls. And tables. And possibly couches. Ouch.

5) “The cord.”

Tripping over cords and cables. That’s just awkward. Cords

6) “When people try to talk to you even though you’re clearly plugged in.”

What? Did you say something? What clue, where? THERE’S A WHAT BEHIND ME? Honestly, no one can keep it together when playing A Chair in a Room.

7) “What’s that blue box over there?”

Having to run room setup a 100 times to recalibrate because your friends are noobs. It’s called a “base station,” jeez.

8) “When you accidentally press the menu button in the middle of the game.”

Seriously? C’mon.

9) “Buying the latest graphics card, only to have it updated within 6 months.”

The struggle is so real. graphics

10) “When one controller dies in the middle of a game.”

As if Space Pirate Trainer isn’t hard enough with two guns (controllers).

11) “When your mom comes down to the basement…”

Ummm….. lurking

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