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Let's Get Virtual

For the next 30 days we will be blogging, vlogging and jogging---well, kind of.

By Vienna Urias
07 October 2016
Article by Vienna Urias

The first time I tried VR, it was like my brain knew I was playing a game but my body responded in a totally different way. Granted, I was playing A Chair in a Room and I was terrified, but each time I entered into another VR experience I often came out with my heart racing and I struggled to catch my breath. This got me thinking–can high intensity VR experiences somehow translate into a viable workout?

There are a few stories circulating the internet about VR users who have lost weight by sticking to a good diet and playing active VR games for one hour every day. When these success stories are paired with other innovations created to heighten physical activity in VR, the next horizon for virtual reality becomes clear. Users are no longer enthralled with stagnant game play–they want other-worldly experiences that move them both emotionally and physically.

Here at Trainrobber, we knew that just following a trend wouldn’t be enough to understand the impact behind such innovations. So we decided to up the ante. Instead of simply playing high intensity games in VR for an hour a day, we have decided to add a number of new variables into the mix. We will be adding light weights to each game we play. We will be tracking our diets. The main focus here is to compare calories burned, muscle gained, and heart rate increases in contrast to more traditional workouts such as running.

To help us along this journey we have enlisted a few VR evangelists, a physical trainer and a nutritionist. For the next 30 days we will be blogging, vlogging and jogging – well, kind of. So climb aboard with us Trainrobber bandits, because it’s about to get virtual.

About Vienna Urias

Vienna works in Partnerships at Trainrobber, a VR agency. In between reading medieval literature and empowering her feminist self, she is most passionate about blogging, exploring LA with friends and rainy days spent hanging out with her two cats, Lavender and Hermione.