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"Jobbies" filtered in striking 3D

Pfister Augments Reality at KBIS 2017

By Nick Lange
17 January 2017
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Article by Nick Lange

Last week, more than 100,000 visitors converged on Orlando’s kitchen, bath and building trade shows, KBIS and IBS. Few expected to find the “purest” AR experience yet.

For three days, people crowded around the augmented reality cube that brought Pfister Faucets and GE’s Xtract filtration system to life.

Pfister teamed with Trainrobber to create an augmented reality experience that sent water rushing through pipes, filters and a beautiful faucet… that didn’t exist.

The app, developed by Trainrobber’s Los Angeles studio, transformed the 5 visible sides of a large cube – on which was mounted the GE water filter that powers Xtract – into a living 3-dimensional plumbing/faucet system that transported regular, contaminated tap water into the filters. Users could then watch the particulates be eliminated, and follow the flow of the newly purified water through its channel to the Pfister Lita faucet that was conjured into being on top of the cube by the mobile app.

Upon approaching the cube, visitors were handed a head mounted display (HMD) and directed to look at any side of the cube. As the user circled the cube, she/he would see the faucet, sink, filters and pipes from all angles, and could even control the flow of water just with their gaze. Looking at a “filtration” button turned filtration mode on; glancing at it again turned the mode off. The experience offered visitors a thorough understanding of the technology that makes the Xtract filtration system so unique.

Phones revealed an augmented reality (AR) vision of Pfister's Xtract filter system.

Matt Zimmer, Pfister’s VP of Marketing, wrote of the experience: “As we’ve come to expect from our partner, Trainrobber/Nurture delivered a unique and well executed digital experience to our exhibit at the National Kitchen and Bath show. For most visitors to their booth, it seemed like this was their first experience with AR and we enjoyed some nice brand benefits by bringing something new forward. The technology proved to be a very effective way to illustrate the functionality in our filter innovation and served as a nice complement to the beautiful designs in the booth. The marriage of tech and style was a terrific blend that we will look to repeat in the future.”

AR by Trainrobber - Pfister's Augmented Reality at KBIS

AR at KBIS - Pfister's augmented reality exhibit by Trainrobber

Augmented reality at KBIS for Pfister by Trainrobber AR

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